If we are honest, Umami is the product of a rather drunken conversation, but aren't all the best ideas. We wanted to create something rich and earthy, as more gins move to sweeter flavours, we wanted to go the other way.


Umami is the fifth flavour we can taste on our palate, described as a rich, savoury flavour, and we went big. Roasted butternut, shiitake mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary, olive oil, they all go into our still, and come out the other side absolutely beautiful. Rich, earthy, pure funk, with so much competing to be in charge, each new flavour complements the last.


This is a gin for playing and experimenting with, as much as savouring. The red wine of Gin and Tonics. Try it alongside some antipasti or a cheese board and see how it lifts the flavours even further.

"Umami" Butternut & Shiitake Gin

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