How we are keeping our flyer drops safe

  • Flyer drops are being done by members of the Corner Fifty Three team, not an external company to insure that best practice is always adhered to.

  • Prior to a delivery round, we will be taking a temperature test, and considering if we have had potential symptoms of illness no matter how slight.  If the answer is yes or our temperature is irregular, we will be halting all leaflet drops immediately until the team has been tested.

  • Leaflets have been left in original packaging for 72 hours since delivery from printers. 

  • Leaflets will only be removed from packaging at the beginning of the delivery round to reduce unnecessary physical contact. 

  • Our team will follow a strict 2 meter social distance at all times on our delivery route. 

  • Gloves and hands will be sanitised regularly on the route. 

  • All team members will remain vigilant of shielding signs and avoid those houses entirely.