Inspired by the rich and sweet Tennessee whiskeys and native American folk tales, Cherokee mixes 100% pure Canadian maple syrup with intricately distilled gin.  We  balance the Maple with Orange and Sarsaparilla to create a sipable and mixable golden gin.   

We won't sugar-coat this, Umami Gin is the funk and as mad as they come.  A savoury gin combining  Shiitake Mushrooms, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Honeyed Butternut Squash and Pink Peppercorn.  Designed to stand up as a food pairing and not to shy away from what it is.

Pomelo is our citrus explosion.  We go to great lengths to pack this full of fresh Pink Grapefruit, Pear and Liquorice.  Not feeling that just using the peel was enough, we also pass the vapour through a layer of the juicy centres to really capture the vibrant flavour. 

Made in ridiculously small batches in the South Downs

We at Corner Fifty Three believe in Creativity, Independence and a Passion for spirits

(and strong facial hair).

None of our products fit into conventional, existing gin types so that we have full creative license over what we bottle.  Hence the term "New Age Gin".  Oh, and its all produced in a shed in our back garden!

experimental series


'That's right, a whole Lemon Meringue Pie'

We are proud to introduce to you the first iteration of L.M.P.  An attempt to bring the complex flavour profile of Tom's favourite nostalgic dessert to a gin in a subtle yet defined way.

tasting notes

An initial hit of sweet lemon curd giving way to the piney Juniper core, with a long lasting creamy butter finish to round off the effect.  

perfect serve

Serve with plenty of fresh ice, a chilled Indian, Med or Floral tonic and a decent twist of lemon


Watch our Head Distiller, Tom Rudman, walk you through making our Summer Serves for our three flagship gins so you enjoy your G&T's the way the craftsman intended...happy bar tending!


Corner Fifty Three is a distilling project 5 years in the making.

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Bearded bartender Tom Rudman, having spent 4 years mixing cocktails, just couldn't find his perfect gin, 

A family move to the heart of the South Downs and with the 'put up or shut up' cries of select friends ringing in his ears, Tom set about persuading his parents that Copper Pot Stills make fantastic garden ornaments.

In 2016 Corner Fifty Three was born. Over the following bitterly cold winter months, with the help of his father and a rapidly dwindling savings account, a crooked but very sturdy home was built. The distillery was finished just in time for the arrival of Rosie and Angus, our much loved, hand built, copper stills.


With Rosie and Angus moved in, the rest of the team was recruited from the ranks of the 'put up or shut up' brigade. Richard Cope, Cris Bowyer and Jamie Williamson all coming on board to help fill the gaps. Together they are building Corner Fifty Three around Tom's idea of independence, creativity and passion (and strong facial hair).


A bartender by trade, Tom is our Founder and Head Distiller. He's the driving force behind our distinctive flavour

combinations and the meticulous development of new projects  Working on our three litre still, Tom experiments with new flavours daily,  He prides himself on being mad enough to build a distillery in his parents back garden. Includes Abraham Lincoln and fashion genius Mugatu amongst his style icons.


As a sommelier Jamie is well trained in tasting faults and inconsistencies in wine and spirits.  Working closely with Tom, they test every batch of Corner Fifty Three for any imperfections and blend runs to ensure the best product is always achieved.   Jamie is well documented as being the happiest man to ever climb Mount Kilimanjaro and also hates that we chose this picture for him.


Currently living in Canada

working as a Visual Effects Artist, Richard is our Designer and is responsible for our intricately detailed labels and the finer points of design.  Known to be a true creative, Richard has been with Corner Fifty Three since day one.  His hobbies include covering his naked body in paint and running at canvases, His artwork is yet to be recognised. 


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"Truly HAND Crafted"

It is important to us that every step of our product's production has a personal touch.  As you can imagine this means we spend a long time perfecting, tweaking, straightening and forging bottles that we are truly happy with.  Nothing sums this up quite like our unique string that wraps the neck of our bottle.  A piece of simple but distinctive flair that personifies our distillery.

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